One Million Dollar Image

1 million dollar image - One Million Dollars caption on golden framed plate

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One Million Dollar Image is the first stock image and the first digital product worth of one million dollars.

This photo represents the gold bar made and decorated as the simple artwork. This artwork is, of course, completely made of gold and it has the golden “one million dollars” caption. This image as such has a complete symbolism which is adequate for it’s purpose.

Yes, this image is really for sale, and yes, the price is really 1 million dollars. But of course, this is not just about the One Million Dollar Image – it is also about the idea which stands behind this image and this site, as explained in further text.


My Motives

First of all, I am not going to lie – one of my motives is to solve my financial problems and buy myself a new apartment (which would actually be my very first). I am only human and I want to be open.

(more in faq – 10. How do you intend to spend the money?)

Having said that, allow me also to say that this really isn’t my only motive.

One of my motives is that I also want to be a part of internet history. My way of doing it is not so baseless as it maybe seems so. I think that I have an idea how and why this image, this site and all people and businesses involved can start the new chapter in the online digital world. Allow me to share and explain this idea.

The Idea

I believe that we are heading towards the fantastic digital age, when the most of our economy, finance, value and products will be in digital form. We will have the situation that the digital products will have the same or even higher value comparing to the physical products (sometimes, this already is the case). I believe that this digital age develops so much and so fast, that soon we will have a very high priced digital products, or “digital treasure”, as something very common and very normal. I believe that the One Million Dollar Image can start the new chapter of internet history as the very first digital treasure.

Why I believe in all of this?

- We already witness the phenomenon that we have a new golden rush today, which is what I like to call a “digital rush“. Or more specifically, the visits / popularity / traffic rush. Online traffic has practically become a new oil of today.

- We have more and more people with the access to internet, more and more money flows online, and there are more and more digital products and online services. Therefore, I think that time is close when this “digital rush” phenomenon will expand to selling and trading more digital goods, artworks and that we will even have a lot of digital treasure.

- At the beginning this will be inspired by traffic, and as the time progresses, we will have more and more digital products which will have their high prices for reasons other than traffic. Same like their physical equivalents during all these centuries. Selling and trading is not limited anymore to the “physical world”. Today, we have the “digital world”, which can only expand and develop in the future.

- I believe that the One Million Dollar Image can mark the beginning of the new era – the era of digital treasures. As the 1st digital treasure ever, with the right symbolism and hopefully with a lot of traffic, the One Million Dollar Image and it’s owners can be the part of internet history. This image as such can only increase it’s original value in the future.

The site itself is meant to stay online forever (or as close as possible to that).

By buying this image you will be listed with all other owners on the one million dollar image owners page (sorting: oldest = 1st). You will also get your own page on this site, which will be directly linked to your name in the top bar menu. These personal owner’s pages can be used for any desired purpose (if any), like telling your story, sharing pictures, banners, links, and more… (you can also choose to stay anonymous).

As the owner of this image, you will have a very high exposure on the site forever and you will have the unlimited rights for using the image in all kinds of commercial use. In other words, you will have the right to freely and optionally use it, edit it and resell it in any form and at any price. This liberal commercial rights also applies on your page – you can sell or rent the space to anyone, or sell the whole page, with no extra charge.

>> All of this means that, as the owner of the One Million Dollar Image, you will have the opportunity to advertize forever, to sell and earn, and to be a part of internet history at the same time.

(more in faq – 6. So why would I pay one million dollars for this image?)


Thank you for reading!


You can find more information by checking the rest of this site (faq and license). You can also contact me.

On the One Million Dollar Image Owners page you can check the list of all image owners (currently: 0). They can also be found at the top menu.

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